SeAMK Language Services

The SeAMK Language Services helps you with issues related to languages:

  • develop and coordinate language and communication instruction at SeAMK
  • promote cooperation in language instruction between Faculties
  • help Faculties to recruit common language teachers
  • organise joint language instruction in facultative languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Finnish for foreigners)
  • promote online instruction in languages and communication
  • advance R & D activities related to languages and communication
  • cooperate with other institutions of higher education
  • participate in the national netwrok of language and communication teachers at the universities of applied sciences in Finland
  • provide information about current issues related to languages and communication
  • offer translation and proofreading services in the following languages: English, Swedish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian

The SeAMK Language Services also offers translations by an authorised translator (Finnish-English-Finnish)


SeAMK Language Services
Heli Simon
Frami F, Kampusranta 11
Tel. 040 830 4129